The fairytale from the island of Langeland (Denmark)

The story about   Hyben Vital ApS starts in the 1980’s, where the just retired farmer, but still entrepreneur Erik “Farmer” Hansen  from Tullebølle got the idea that processed rosehip may be beneficial to people. He got the idea from an acquaintance, who had been eating pickled rosehip all life without having a cold. Erik Farmer was intrigued by this and decided to take a closer look.

Being somewhat of an inventor type, he also began to experiment and develop his own method of processing rosehip in a gentle manner so the active substances were preserved.

In the beginning he experimented with himself and close friends, whom he offered his rosehip powder. From here rumors circulated about the “The Farmer”-rosehip powder through word-of-mouth across the country. 

In the first years the raw material supply came mainly from private individuals collecting rosehip all over Denmark, but fairly quickly Erik “Farmer” realized that more was needed. 

In the year of 1995 Hyben Vital was established as a company and shortly after the first steps were taken towards an actual cultivation of wild rosehips, and for the first time in the history of Denmark, Danish farmland was planted with a particularly yielding fruit variety of Rosa Canina, which got the name Rosa Canina Lito. 

While many people shook their heads at “The Farmer”, already in the 90’s some Danish scientists took interest in the product from Langeland and today they agree that “Rosehip helps maintain joint mobility”. 

“The Farmer” in his first sales car also stood as advertising in front of the first Health Fair in Denmark.

From a hobby to a global company

Through the 90’s and until today a hobby business has developed step by step to a larger family owned private limited company with state of the art production equipment. The yearly production capacity is several hundred tons rosehip powder and today about 20 people are employed at a new and larger factory in Tullebølle under the son Torbjørn Hansen’s management. The sale global as well as all processing of powder are coordinated from Langeland.

Since then a number of major scientific studies and numerous articles  have proved the effects from the product  from Hyben Vital. This is the only product cultivated and processed specifically for this purpose.

Hyben Vital Aps early decided to invest in scientific evidence for the product and has since spent large resources on researching the powder effect in humans and in animals.  The high efficiency of the maintenance of joint mobility is mainly attributed to the special processing method, which is patent protected securing that important substances are preserved in the product.

The production process still follows Erik “Farmer’s” basic principles:

“Careful handling of raw materials, so they retain as many active substances as possible”

A small glimpse from “The Farmer’s” 85 years birthday.